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U2 - Atomic: Edge

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DURHAM - Sex Drive - boost w/compression


The Edge added this pedal to his rack during either the 2nd or third leg of the "Vertigo" 2005 tour. It's exact use isn't known. And it's presence has caused many to wonder "yet another boost pedal"? [The Edge already employing his ages old Boss FA-1 Bi-FET and the Skrydstrup Bufferooster, which he began using at the beginning of the "Vertigo" tour.]

A bit about the DURHAM "Sex Drive":
"I designed the SEX DRIVE pedal to fulfill the very particular needs of good friend Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan, ARC Angels, David Bowie, Grammy winning producer, all around musician). The goal was to build a “clean-boost” pedal that would supply additional bottom end and sustain when needed. The pedal would have to provide a boost that would not alter the original quality of the amplifiers natural tone. Most important, was to not add a “nasal” tone like the other pedals in his effects graveyard. The result was the SEX DRIVE pedal. Though it wasn't my intention to go into production of effect pedals, the demand has been so overwhelming I found I had no choice".
The Sex Drive also has a compression switch offering soft compression, hard compression or NO compression. Very nice!

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