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U2 - Atomic: Edge

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Guitarrista - Set Up 2001

  The Edge

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What began in 80's with a simple pedal of called echo Memory Man de Electro-Harmonix, culminated with a Seth-up who locks up thousands of sounds, thanks to an intelligent combination of equipment and technology. He is as well as the guitarist of U2 uses newest and oldest, the first and latest. But, they see this incredible Seth-up used in the Zoo tours TV and Elevation Tour.

From the first day, The Edge uses almost exclusively equipment Vox AC30 Top Boost, and takes of tour models that go of the ' 64 in ahead. According to Schoo Scythes, that come working like assistant from The Edge from 1985, the guitarist has like 60 of these equipment. "the other equipment that uses is a pair of Randall RG80-112C transistorized of 1 x 12" that gave Joe to him Elliot de Def Leppard."
"Live, each one of its equipment has a different equalization. The time of delay also is specific for each one. The main Vox of The Edge is of 60's. Several times set fire and also the valves were burned to him, but still it continues being his favorite. It uses it in Pride (In The Name Of Love), Where The Streets Have nonName and in New Year's Day. Occasionally for a subject as Love Is three Blindness uses two or Vox!

In the rackera we found several units of distortion and delay, along with two units of sustain (Infinite Guitar Sustain) used for With or Without You. "One of the irreplaceable effects in rack of The Edge is delay digital Korg SDD-3000. He is one of his favorites due to the calidez of his sound and is the one that uses in most of the recordings."
Others of the processors that are in rack of the guitarist are digital Roland SDE-3000 delay, Yamaha SPX90, a Korg A3, the Rocktron Replifex, the DigiTech the 2112 and multieffects Eventide H3000. At the moment, the guitarist uses a wireless UHF Sony WRR37. "The Edge also takes to the tours a series of pedals like the Fuzz Phase of Dunlop, the system of wah wah of Bradshaw, several distorsionadores Boss, a Big Muff Electro-Harmonix and the Big Cheese distortion, phaser Doppelganger and the surrounding filter Meatball de Lovetone."

"In the matter of effects the subject is quite complicated", affirms Schoo. "two rackeras controlled by switcheo the Bradshaw system Exist (Audio Custom Electronics RS-10). Upon the rackeras a wood also exists on which they are his old pedals of effect: TC Dual Electronics Parametric EQ, Boss FA-1 Fet preamp, Boss OD-2 Turbo Overdrive, Super Boss SD-1 Overdrive, Electro-Harmonix Big Muff and a MXR Dyna-Comp. Some of these pedals date from the time of the discs Boy and War."

In agreement with Schoo, 48 effects different and seven equipment in the Seth-up from The Edge exist. In order to handle all this, the guitarist it uses four controllers Bradshaw, two in scene and two in the flank, from where they are handled by Schoo when The Edge moves by grean scene of U2.
"One of the controllers or pedaleras allows to select him between its equipment, whereas with the other it handles the effects. He is amazing to see how it experiments during a show. That way it ignites an equipment with too much gain for that song, but it controls it from his pedal of volume. And while he is experimenting, it is keeping the programs. While I am sharpening his guitars, I see how the lucecitas of my controller ignite."
"On the scene, to the right and the left of the Bradshaw controllers, The Edge has a Midi controller, a system of wah wah and a pedal Whammy DigiTech that uses for example for intro of Even Better Than Real The Thing." At the moment, the favorite effect of the guitarist of U2 is the Whammy DigiTech. "it uses It until in subjects that originally did not take it. We tried to use the new models but The Edge went it pushing the button of bypass through accident and extinguished the effect. So we obtained old model WH1."

Besides to take care of of the equipment and to change effects, the routine of Schoo includes to maintain the 32 guitars that The Edge takes of tour. "In a show it can use between six and nine, but my work consists of arriving about the nine at night from the day previous to the show and changing the cords of the 32 guitars. This work takes to me between three and four hours. The Edge usually arrives at noon and it always asks to me: "these cords are fresh". At the moment a Rickenbacker 330-12 of the ' 76 uses, a Gibson Them Paul cremita Custom of the ' 75, a Gibson SG of the ' 66, one Them Paul Goldtop reedición ' 68, a Fernandes with pickup Sustainer, a Gibson Explorer of the ' 76, a Fender Telecaster, a Fender Stratocaster of the ' 64, a acoustics Taylor 914CE and two Gretsch's Country Gentleman pertaining to Bond, one of the ' 65 and another one of the ' 67."

Juice Goose Power Rack 200, Audio Custom Dual Electronics Stereo Line Mixer, Rocktron Patchmate, TC Electronics 2290 Delay Digitalis (for "Streets" and "Bullet the blue sky"), Rocktron DVC Dynamic Volume Controller (for the volume pedal), Korg A3, Korg Delay SDD3000, Yamaha SPX100, Electrix FilterFactory (for "Elevation"), AMS 1580S Digital Delay Line Pitch Changer (for "All I want is You"), Roland VG8, Extreme Eventide Harmonizer H3000 (for "Lemon" and "Beautiful day"), Infinte Guitar Sustain ("With or Without You"), Line 6 Pod Pro (they replace to the Randall equipment in the Elevation tour).

Boss Equalizer GE-7, Super Boss Overdrive SD-1, Boss Turbo Overdrive OD-2, Boss Compression Sustainer CS-2, Dunlop Dallas Fuzz Phase, TC Electronics Preamp, tuner Boss TU12H, TC Dual Electronics Parametric Equalizer, Pearl Graphic EQ GE-09, Boss Overdrive OD-2, Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Lovetone Doppelganger ("Discotheque/Staring AT the sun"), Lovetone Big Cheese ("Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me"), Lovetone Meatball ("Please"), Digitech Whammy, pedal of Boss volume, wireless UHF Sony WRR37.

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