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U2 - Atomic: Edge

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Atomic Affiliate Links

U2 ATOMIC AFFILIATES: - U2 interviews and features from magazines and the press. - General info re: Adam - General info re: Adam's gear - General info re: Bono - General info re: Bono's gear - General info re: Edge - General info re: Edge's gear - General info re: Larry - General info re: Larry's gear - Information about U2 producer, musician and collaborator Daniel Lanois
http://u2-atomic-anton - photos from Anton Corbijn's "U2& I" book
http://u2-atomic-collection - COMING SOON (re: my U2 collection) - Pics of the 2003-2004 R&R HOF special exhibit

OTHER USEFUL U2 LINKS: - Want to learn more about The Edge's use of 'shimmer' and 'delay'? This site is a good place to start.

The Edge playing "Until The End Of The World" on his 30th Anniversary Goldtop. 11-14-05, Miami, Fl.